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  • Brian says:

    Shadow of my father Chapter 38
    I have just read your latest of Shadow of my father wow wow wow wow did i say wow oh my gosh I say this a lot and will say it all the time. Your stories get better with every chapter your latest of Shadow fo my father is no exception. It was a briliant chapter It started with Martha causing trouble letting everyone know he is still out there. Luckily Isaac was able to get her to leave we finally found out what is going on with Brandon and that is so sad but thanx to his uncle taking steps to get him help hopefully that will help Brandon get better and stop having nightmares. Wow you had a really incredible love scene that was filled with passion and love between Josh and Cesar they really are a beautiful couple. Wow right on for Daniel finally going out on a date that was wondeful I was hoping something like that would happen for him that was a nice surprise.

    I have always felt that your stories were not so much a simple story but a work of art 4 stories that you write amazingly and connect and your works of art come together to tell amazing stories you really feel like you are apart of the characters life. That is a rare achievement but you do pull it off wonderfully. I dont think I have ever read any stories like yours they are all unique and equally fun and wonderful to read. I literally can’t wait to read your next posted chapter all four stories.

    Take care my friend have a great rest of your week. If I don’t here from you have great weekend. Thank you for your latest chapter my friend.

    Always your friend


  • Ric Espinoza says:

    Excellent work, I am waiting for the next installments.

    Pictures are well thought our



  • Hey guys thank you for all your comments about the most recent chapters. I figured to pop in and talk a little about the story so far. Many of you have brought up very good concerns and thoughts about the story.

    Let me start with the most recent chapter healing with Patrick. Many of you have been telling me why don’t anyone visit with him. The answer to that question is pretty easy., his parents. His parents will not allow anyone around their son. They blame Josh and his detail for what happened. In chapter 46 that will change.

    So much changed since the shooting. Some for the good and some for the bad. As the story unfolds you will see that. I am going to throw in a lot more twist and turns but don’t worry no one else will die or break up. The best I can say is keep reading and you will not regret it

  • Ric Espinoza says:

    Hi all, I just finished 43 and that was the best chapter yet. So much emotion both good and back, and what a grown up Josh. The on the spur wisdom that he has is marvelous.
    In seeing this it must be tough to be a politicians child.

    I will be working on the rest later on today.


  • Ric Espinoza says:

    Chapter 48

    Wow, sure went a direction that I had not thought of, however I must say well done. I could not stop reading it.
    Some very good lessons to learn in it.
    You all are doing a fine job…

  • Arne says:

    Like the family picture. Bit young for a politician at that level, but hey, that’s the fun part of it.

  • Ric Espinoza says:

    My apologies for not posting something.

    The story is great, I did like how the governor stood his ground with the President several times and stuck to his belief.

    and yes the governor would make a good president, but does need more experience behind his belt.

  • Steve says:

    I love these stories in many ways, but the politics is so hard to stomach that I wish it were kept to the local level. I cannot accept this view of national republican politics as it has almost destroyed the US economy. Of course in the words of Clang (Help!) we can “agree to disagree”, but what use is that? You are entitled to your opinion but not my respect.

    I have started to end all my comments on political sites with a variation of a quote from Cato the elder: the republican party must be destroyed. Perhaps the same should be said about the democrats. It is possible to have a respect for George H W Bush, but I cannot stomach this for his son. I feel he was the most corrupt and incompetent president in the modern age.

    • Keith Farrell says:

      This is a story, we are not talking about politics. The rest of the world thought that your presidency was hijacked by him, but thats not the point of the story, This is about what the writer would like to see in his world and the changes he, and Im sure most of us readers wish to see every where. I also beleave that young people who read these stories find hope and love because of the wonderful way this writer opens eyes to all that is wrong and gives a beacon of hope.

  • Shadow of my father

  • Keith Farrell says:

    Just wanted to say Im enjoying all your stories, so far the only thing that does not match my mental pix is the one who you have named carlos and Joshua. I feel they are mixed up, Carlos is the more butch guy a jock with the buzz cut and Josh is the hottie with the killer smile, he looks like someone ment to be on stage. But thats only my feeling.

  • James says:

    I have been thinking that each chapter gets better and better then I stop and say that they are all great. JPG mentioned no more deaths or break ups, however since this story seems to be real life situations I say to continue, yes, I hate when someone dies or breaks up but that is part of life. This is a work of fiction but still seems so real. I just love this story. I have tried to figure out though why I don’t like the other stories. I tried and tried but I just could not get into them and so I just stoped. I just want to say thank you so much. Reading this story and a lot of others on other sites is what keeps me going each day. I am 35 years old and disabled. I don’t get out except to go to the store to get food and to doctors and pharmacy. Thanks again for sharing this story.

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